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“There was a young lady from Ryde, who ate a green apple and died.
The apple fermented inside the lamented, and made cider inside her insides.”


Our Barrels

Pure, unpasteurised apple juice fermented in aged oak barrels…

During the traditional process used to make Horse Kick Cider, there are no added flavours, sweeteners or colourings; just pure apple juice fermented in aged oak barrels. The naturally low pH of the cider means that we can avoid using commercial processes such as adding high levels of sulphite preservative or using pasteurisation. Careful sampling throughout the process ensures the very best quality. All this means that Horse Kick Cider reaches your glass just like it did in the days of old.

Our Cider

Here at Chasemore Farm, we know that good things take time.

Each Autumn, fresh apples are pressed by our mare Lassie, using one of the only horse-driven apple presses in the country. The juice from approximately 8 English apples make it into each bottle of Horse Kick Cider… and very little else. Each of our barrels lend a unique, oaky quality to the cider. After bottling, the cider undergoes a slow, secondary fermentation that gives it a dry, light sparkle.