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On the weekend of November 4th & 5th, the annual apple pressing will take place at Chasemore Farm, Downside. The local community is invited to take part – please bring your homegrown/windfall apples (all varieties welcome, including crabapples) to include in this year’s cider batch. Don’t worry if the apples are bruised; so long as they are not rotten or mouldy they will be fine. If they fall off your tree before the pressing date, the best way to store them (once dried off) is in a cool, dry shed with newspaper between layers. Donated apples will be weighed on arrival, and if used will equate to bottles of cider the following Spring (1 x 568ml bottle per 5kg of apples donated). Equally, all helpers will be rewarded for their time (rinsing, pulping, pressing, pouring) with cider the following Spring (depending on hours worked; under 18’s not eligible). Pressing will take place all day Saturday and Sunday, 8am – 5pm. Please bring your own nourishment. All locals wishing to take part and/or donate apples MUST give forewarning via text or email to Pat (see bottom of page) at least one week in advance, including approximate weight of apples and number of people/hours’ attendance expected.